Bezos' Rocket Is Bigger Than Musk's — Tech Roundup

The rocket belonging to Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is larger than the rockets used by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. But in this case it’s power rather than size that matters, and Musk still beats Bezos.

Many years ago, two of today’s biggest, most innovative leaders in tech both started their own space exploration companies. Although news on each company has only become more mainstream in the previous few years — perhaps as Musk stands as the CEO of Tesla (TSLA) and Bezos as the CEO of Amazon (AMZN) — both entrepreneurs have been focused on the concept of space travel. 

Musk believes in colonizing Mars while Bezos is fascinated with commercial space travel. Regardless of their motives, both leaders are quickly building up their companies to what could very well be the next wave in rocketry. 

The focus has been on retrieving rockets once they have been deployed, with both companies successfully landing rockets on barges in the ocean, although there have been failures, too. Most notably, SpaceX suffered a pre-launch explosion in Cape Canaveral earlier this month, and a recent update by Musk and the company showed that they are having a very difficult time pinning down the source.