Elon Musk seeks public help in resolving SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion mystery

SpaceX has termed the explosion that blew off its Falcon 9 rocket in a fueling test as the ‘most difficult and complex failure’ in the history of space exploration company headed by Elon Musk. The company is now seeking the public help to know the exact reason.

SpaceX CEO and Founder Elon Musk mentioned in a tweet that public help is needed in the disaster that happened without warning on Space Launch Complex-40 at around 9.07am EDT on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on September 1.

The rocket failure is said to have started in the upper stage during fueling test operations at the launch pad. Musk said that one thing to be noted is that it was a routine filling operation in which engines were not on and also, there was no heat source.

Musk said that what went wrong that resulted into explosion would not be an easy thing to find out. Owing to which, SpaceX has been asking the public to help them by sending any recordings of the event they have.

“If you have audio, photos or videos of our anomaly last week, please send to report@ spacex.com. Material may be useful for investigation”, requested Musk through twitter. The explosion incident is being investigated by many federal agencies, including NASA, FAA, AFPAA and others. The incident has taken place two days before the scheduled launch of the rocket on September 3. It was meant to launch with the 6 ton AMOS-6 telecommunications satellite.

The explosion has also resulted into an extensive loss to the rockets transporter erector, meant to hold the rocket in place until minutes before liftoff and ground support equipment (GSE) around the pad. For now, SpaceX has not released complete description of the damage to the pad and GSE.