Elon Musk Still Doesn't Know What Made His Rocket Go Boom

Earlier in September, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a static fire test at Cape Canaveral while carrying a satellite that was set to launch later in the month for Facebook’s Internet.org program. SpaceX confirmed the incident, but has said little else since. (Musk & Co. termed the explosion an “anomaly.” Yep. Just a big, fiery anomaly.)

But now, Musk has broken his silence on Twitter in one of his classic stream of consciousness Twitter rants calling the “fireball” (hey, it’s better than “anomaly”) the “most difficult and complex failure” SpaceX has seen in over a decade.

If you have any info, please email our good friend Elon. He seems sad, and I’d really like him to get back to work on that whole self-driving car thing.