Mark Zuckerberg 'Deeply Disappointed' SpaceX Destroyed His Satellite

“CNN has not heard back from SpaceX“.

Facebook’s mission to spread the internet across sub-Saharan Africa received a major setback after the rocket due to launch the communication satellite exploded in routine tests.

Eutelsat said the explosion’s impact on revenues is estimated at around 5 million euros (5.6 million USA dollars) in fiscal year 2016-17, 15 million euros (16.8 million dollars) in 2017-18 and 25 to 30 million euros (28 to 33.6 million dollars) in 2018-19.

“Cause still unknown”, Musk said via Twitter.

The incident has already negatively affected shares for some SpaceX customers, including the Israeli satellite operator that owns the Amos line of satellites, Spacecom.

The rocket was scheduled to launch this Saturday, September 3 on a mission to deliver Spacecom’s AMOS-6 communication satellite into geostationary transfer orbit. He added that the satellite “would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent”.

“Fortunately, we have developed other technologies like Aquila that will connect people as well”, the site’s billionaire founder wrote.

Video has now emerged of what that explosion looked like.

Launch Complex 40 is an Air Force facility which has been leased to SpaceX.

Until Thursday, the company had successfully carried out eight launches this year, with nine more in the wings by year’s end, including the debut flight of the so-called Falcon Heavy. “Supplies and research investigations (on space station) are at good levels”.

A Falcon 9 booster rocket exploded on the launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida, as tropical storm Hermine bore down on the area. SpaceX has been working to upgrade that facility. That rocket is slated to land a probe on a nearby asteroid and return a sample of the asteroid to Earth for further study.

The pad where SpaceX’s rocket was being prepared for launch is one of two operated by the company.

Operating as a sort of private NASA, SpaceX is known to be profitable and cash-flow positive. He began his summer by learning that federal regulators were investigating the Autopilot feature of the Tesla Model S electric vehicle after a fatal crash. Since then, it has racked up 27 successful flights and one launch accident in June 2015 that destroyed a load of cargo headed for the space station.

from Department of Rocket Launches