Prey: Alternate Timeline Sees JFK And The Space Program

Prey: Alternate Timeline Sees JFK And The Space Program

Arkane Studios is at it again with its intriguing storylines and alternate realities. Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ newest game Prey locks players in an interesting storyline and timeline. Arkane Studios head Raphael Colantonio explained how the game’s timeline works.

According to a video by Bethesda Softworks, Prey is set in a timeline when John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt on his life. This means there was a spark on the Space Race. Millions of resources have been poured into the competitive space race against Russia.


JFK lived to see the United States’ space program flourish, with other nations following in pursuit. Come 2032 and space exploration has reached its peak. Everyone in corporations are now operating in space and humans live in colonies in space stations.

Prey is set in a space station called the Talos 1. It is built on JFK’s term and is currently orbiting the moon through the years. A lot of sections in the station are updated and currently houses some of the most advanced features of the time. However, other sections still maintain what seems to be an air of retro-futurism and 60s vibe. There’s an entire section that is built by Russia that features a bit of Art Deco.

This new reveal means players should expect a lot of aesthetic changes and options depending on which part of the station they are in.

The elaborate switch in timelines means there is something more than meets the eye in the central plot of the game.

Prey will be released for the PlayStation, Xbox One and PC in 2017. The game is a sequel of Prey that was released in 2006. However, it was eventually revealed that the game will be a “reboot” of the franchise and is not a true sequel.

The new game will be on a space station that boarded aliens, and will force players to consider the “full ecology” the game world. However, unlike the previous game, the game will be more psychological than full horror. It will also feature open-level gameplay (and not open world), like Dishonored.


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Photo source: YouTube/Bethesda