Prey's Newest Teaser Explains The Game's Alternate Historical Timeline

Bethesda has released a new teaser trailer that was filmed during the publisher’s E3 2016 showcase, and it features Arkane Studio head Raphael Colantonio talking about the game’s alternate history, and how the protagonist has ended up aboard the station Talos 1.

The alternate timeline sees JFK surviving the assassination attempt back in 1963, and as a result of his survival, the resultant USA pumped more money into the American Space Race. This means that when the game is set – 2032 – space exploration is far more advanced than in our timeline, and the tech behind it is increasing at a fantastic rate.

The video explains that various corporations have funded the space exploration boom, and as a result there are various space stations above the earth that house a number of humans. The game’s setting, Talos 1, was the last station built during JFK’s term. It orbits the moon, and has had a variety of expansions grafted onto it as time’s gone by (hence that 60s decor in some places whilst others sport a more modern look). 

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Prey is due for release in 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.