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Tickets for A Trip Into Space are Selling Fast

Image courtesy of Virgin GalacticImage courtesy of Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic has yet to launch a commercial space flight but many people are booking seats anyway. For decades space has been out of reach for many of us except for a chosen few who were privileged to escape Earth’s gravity. This could be the reason why Virgin Galactic’s space flights are garnering interest to those who can afford the price tag.

Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2 - Image courtesy of Virgin Galactic.Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2 – Image courtesy of Virgin Galactic.

Early this year, the company was successful in fitting a rocket motor into SpaceShip Two, the space craft that will send man into space for a price. According to Virgin Galactic’s commercial director Stephen Attenborough, a ticket to space can cost $250,000, which according to him is a bargain.

Even though commercial flights for the general public won’t commence until next year at the earliest, as many as 640 individuals have bought tickets. For some the cost is negligible, but the majority of us will have to wait for lower prices to take our first trip into space.

What Does $250,000 Buy You?

Space Travel Tickets are ExpensiveSpace Travel Tickets are Expensive

It starts off with 3 days training at Space Port American in New Mexico. The training will help prepare passengers for the physiological needs of the trip. SpaceShip Two can accommodate 6 passengers and lasts 2 and a half hours. Passengers can leave their seats to experience zero gravity and gaze upon the best view ever. The trip ends with congratulatory champagne at the space port.

$250,000 a pop seems a little steep but it is still cheap compared to the $20 million Russian billionaire and world’s first “space tourist” Dennis Tito paid when he bought a seat aboard Soyuz spacecraft in 2001. Hopefully as competitors emerge and space tourism becomes the norm, prices will drop and every one of us can enjoy a few minutes of zero gravity.

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