SpaceX Explosion Caused by Fast Flying Unknown Object?

Watch the video of the explosion to see a fast moving object zipping by just when the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explodes. UFO? Aliens? Drone?

On September 1 a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a test run at the Cape Canaveral Space launch center. Elon Musk said after the explosion: “Loss of Falcon vehicle today during propellant fill operation. Originated around upper stage oxygen tank. Cause still unknown.”

A video of the explosion by USLaunchReport makes some people think that an UFO or a drone is the cause of the explosion. And indeed the video makes you wonder what that super fast object is that appears right at the moment of the rocket exploding. You can see the moment in the snapshot above. The small object just zips by. 

The video shows before birds flying in the background of the rocket. Their movement is very different from that unknown object. If it is a drone, it would need to be rather sophisticated to be that fast. 

It remains to be seen if SpaceX will comment on the sighting to explain what it is and if it has anything to do with the explosion. Watch the video below. The object appears at 1:11 on the right and is in the same second next to the exploding Falcon 9 and disappears on the left.

SpaceX was scheduled for a Falcon 9 launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday September 3 at 3am local time. The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was supposed to carry a AMOS-6 communications satellite for Spacecom of Israel into orbit. This satellite supports existing services in the Ku- and Ka-band for the Middle East, Europe and sub-Sahara Africa. This satellite was intended for Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative.

from Department of Private Space Inc.