'SpaceX News Explosion': Video Revealed How Aliens Destroy the Rocket with a Laser; Martian …

SpaceX rocket explosion caused stir of mind among scientists and conspiracy theorist. While scientist believed that the explosion was caused by a mishap during fueling, conspiracy theorist dismissed the prosaic explanation and looking at grounds for possible alien sabotaged. The theory was further supported by a video taken during the explosion and identified signs of alien intervention.


Daily Mail reported that an alien air strike was suggested by conspiracy theorist as the cause of SpaceX rocket explosion in contrast to the speculations of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk that it was caused by mishap in fueling. However, a Youtube video is gathering views for highlighting the mysterious anomaly passing through the Falcon 9 while it is seated in the launch pad before, during and even after the explosion.


Furthermore, the video revealed about the flying black object around the rocket before the explosion. Martian researchers firmly believed that cause of rocket explosion is not a mere mechanical error but an attack coming from another world.

On the other hand, the explosion of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has estimated to have a huge impact on the revenues of Israeli company as well as the whole space industry as reported by News Week. According to the report, an amount of $30 to $120 million revenue decline is expected after Spacecom shares have dropped 9 percent on Tuesday and another 34 percent on Sunday. The decline is expected since SpaceX Falcon 9 is amounting to $62 million whilst the Falcon Heavy is $90 million as the more powerful and larger.

Meanwhile, Spacecom is on the verge of recovery as they are hoping and looking forward to a fruitful communications with their prospective buyers for other rockets according to its General Counsel Gil Lotan. He also said that the planned merging of Spacecom with Beijing Xinwei Technology Group.is not yet finalized and too early to say if the plan would proceed to another level.

Watch the video below and see for yourself whether or not the explosion was caused by an alien attack or a mere mechanical error.


from Department of Private Space Inc.