SpaceX Rocket Explosion was Caused by a UFO?

The SpaceX rocket explosion made headlines last week when the event occurred so suddenly on a launch pad from a procedural test. On top of the rocket, Facebook’s $200 million worth Amos-6 satellite was also destroyed.


With the video out for the public to see, some sharp eyed theorists have seen something startling. The claim is that a small unidentified flying object passed by the rocket which immediately caused its sudden self destruction.


The SpaceX rocket explosion claim is actually creepy. You can watch the video below for yourself to see the object. There just appears to be no other reason why the rocket would explode, until the UFO passes by, moments before the explosion.

The Claims

When you slow down the video, the UFO appears onscreen for only five frames. The estimated speed it would need to achieve this feat would be 3,000 miles an hour. That’s incredibly fast.




In order for such a small object to be able to travel that fast is very questionable. With speculations with what that object could be, all sorts of weird theories start popping up.

It could’ve been a drone, but then again is there a weapons mounted drone already out able to clock at that speed? And if it was a drone, the who sent it? The US military? North Korea?

One plausible theory is that the Pentagon did it. Space X has begun launching military satellites. The Pentagon’s motive would be to discredit Space X with the explosion.


But then again, alien lovers out there are already shouting aliens all over this case. The SpaceX rocket explosion was definitely the work of aliens. The little grey guys are sick and tired with all the space junk we’ve been leaving in the atmosphere for years.

The Cover Up

The launch had been filmed by US Launch Report. The person who shot the film was a US Military Veteran. It was said that a telephoto lens was used for the filming and that the UFO is most likely just a bird enhanced by the lens.

What do you guys think about all this? Was it a drone? A bird? Or an alien craft? Let us know in the comments section below!

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