SpaceX rocket sabotaged by a Drone?

A spectacular photos and footage have emerged of what appears to be a drone-like object flying past SpaceX moments before it dramatically exploded.

Now some people are claiming the space rocket was “attacked”.

The “reusable” rocket was destroyed after suffering a catastrophic explosion on launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida, US on Thursday.

The huge blast, which caused no injuries, ripped through the rocket during a pre-launch check – sending plumes of thick black smoke into the air.

Billionaire SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the cause of the explosion, which was caught on camera, is still unknown.

But new analysis of the footage appears to show there may have been foul play, it has been claimed.

A grainy video of the blast, posted to YouTube by Steve Svensson, appears to shows a small, silver spherical object flying over the rocket as it exploded.

In the description to the video, he wrote: “It appears that SpaceX may have been shot by a very fast moving drone, or possibly an explosive in the satellite was triggered?

“We all know people love to hate Elon Musk.”

SpaceX explodes on launch pad

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