Star Trek hits 50: The 5 greatest technologies inspired by Star Trek

All of this technology can in some way be connected to Star Trek.

Star Trek, the TV show that captured imaginations and dealt with complex political and social issues is 50 years old.

On September the 8th 1966 the first episode of the TV series was aired and so began a fictional look into the future of space travel. Its success can be partly attributed to the space race between the USA and then USSR during the height of the cold war, the longevity of the show boosted by the 1969 spaceflight that landed humans on the moon.

With intrigue in space exploration spiking, the TV show provided a glimpse into a fictional future, but one that isn’t too far detached from reality – at least when it comes to technology.

One of the amazing things that Star Trek achieved was to inspire the creation (or at least spark the imagination) of technologies which have changed the modern tech world.

CBR highlights some of the technology which was inspired by Star Trek.

1. Tablets

The tablet device is now pretty much common place but it first appeared as a “Personal Access Display Device” in Star Trek, Captain Kirk would regularly be seen using a tablet with a stylus.

Although the basic concept for a tablet can be traced back to 1888 and an Elisha Gray patent for an electrical stylus device for capturing handwriting, it is Star Trek which brought it into the minds of the general public.

Tablets didn’t really become commercially available until 1989 but several Tablet PC-like devices were proposed before this.

Image credit: Paramount