The Canadian Space Agency wishes Star Trek a happy 50th anniversary

Astronauts Jeremy Hansen and David Saint-Jacques from the Canadian Space Agency wish Star Trek a happy 50th anniversary.

Canadian Space Agency astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Jeremy Hansen wish Star Trek a happy 50th anniversary in these videos. This is just really incredible because it’s more real life scientists and space explorers paying tribute to the franchise that got so many excited about space exploration.

If you had to say what the most significant impact of Star Trek was you’d probably say getting so many people interested in space and science. Star Trek’s optimistic human future built on science is something that will never stop inspiring those with imagination.

Here’s some well wishes from real life space explorers.

This is awesome and of course reminds me of the video NASA made to congratulate Star Trek on its success just a few days ago.

Fans have of course created a lot of other wonderful tribute videos in honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary too.

James Doohan Tribute

DeForest Kelley Tribute

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Tribute Part 1

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Tribute Part 2

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